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Anette Vandsø Aremark

Anette Vandsø Aremark :

The question of method in relation to the analysis of sound expression; sound-art, sound in audio-visual media etc., forms the core of this research project. Of particular interest is the question of how we analyse sound as a performative phenomenon? The current project, “Music and Enunciation”, focuses on sounds we call ‘music’. Émile Benveniste’s theory of enunciation, as it has evolved in various phenomenological orientated approaches, is used as a theoretical and analytical tool for analysing music as a performative act. The intention is to extend the scope of this research, and  apply this theoretical approach to a wider range of sounds in order to qualify the analysis of sound as a qualitative and performative phenomenon, with the aim of defining and qualifying the study of sound as mediality.


Anette Vandsø Aremark is a PhD scholar in the Department of Aesthetic Studies at Aarhus University (2005-). She has an MA in Interdisciplinary Aesthetic studies and a BA in musicology. Anette has taught courses in Aesthetic theory, The Aesthetics and Culture of Music and Intermedial studies (covering the mediality of sound, which among other things involves soundscape production). Since 1999 she has been producing soundscapes and music for various dance and theatre performances (Scenekompagniet, StageLab, Joanne Magierecka). Anette is a member of NSE (Nordic study of Aesthetics), AUT and NTSMB (network of interdisciplinary studies of music and meaning).